Battling with Acne, anti aging and Pimples

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I’ve been battling with acne, and now adult acne, ever since I was a teenager. I spent hours searching ways on how to get rid of acne or how to get rid of pimples, and trying everything from over the counter topical, oral antibiotics prescribed by the doctor, to home remedies for acne. Nothing really worked, and never had a prolonged impact. One day I was searching online, and I stumbled upon a pillow that was a solution on how to prevent acne. The pillow ensured that your head was comfortably supported, but isolated your face and skin, so they weren’t pressed against the pillow while you slept.

All other acne medications or other acne products I’ve ever tried or read about only seem to be band aids to the problem without solving the root issue. After doing some additional research, it appears that constant pressure on your face is one of the main factors that cause acne, and the MyFacePillow is a direct solution to resolving this problem.

Also, as I’m getting older, I discovered that not only is the MyFacePillow an acne treatment device, but it also works as an anti aging and anti wrinkle device. The same constant pressure on your skin, especially while you sleep, will also result in wrinkles and lines on your face. I found out that not only will the MyFacePillow work to get rid of acne, but it will also work to prevent wrinkles.

I also discovered one additional use for the MyFacePillow. Like many other people, I use anti wrinkle and anti aging creams at night. However, I would wake up the next morning and discover that most of the expensive night creams had rubbed off, before being absorbed into my skin and face. Since the MyFacePillow ensures that your face and skin are free from any contact while you sleep, the MyFacePillow ensured that all the expensive anti wrinkle and anti aging creams were absorbed into my skin.

If anyone is suffering from acne or adult acne, I really recommend this product as the best acne treatment I’ve ever tried. It is very simple to use, all natural, and really works. Furthermore, the MyFacePillow also works to prevent wrinkles while you sleep, acting as an overall anti aging pillow.

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