Beauty Pillow Neck Insert

IMPROVE YOUR PILLOW! You deserve a good night’s rest, in fact, your quality of life depends on your quality of sleep. Upgrade your pillow with our CertiPUR-US Certified memory foam Neck Insert for a better night’s sleep.

SLEEP MORE COMFORTABLY! You want to prevent wrinkles and acne but it takes time to retrain your body to prefer back-sleeping. Make the training process of sleeping on your back easier with a comfortable Neck Insert.

NO MORE WRINKLES! Waking up wrinkle-free is one of the benefits of sleeping on your back. With sleep wrinkles taking up to 5 hours to disappear, you’ll want to make the most of the “re-education” process. In the beginning, your body will want to default to side or stomach sleeping, but the added support of our Neck Insert will prevent returning to old habits.

ADDED SUPPORT! Our pillows are already super comfortable, but you may need extra support for your neck especially during sleep position re-training or facial surgery. Upgrade your pillow with our Neck Insert for added support.

GIVE IT A TRY! You have nothing to lose and we stand by our full money-back guarantee. If you don’t see or feel drastic results, you can always return both products.

Brand: YourFacePillow

Material: Memory Foam

Shape: Rectangular

Similar products DO NOT limit all facial pillowcontact.
  • With most other products, your chin, forehead and cheeks will still be problematically affected by pillow contact. They limit your head and body from moving into different positions, making them ineffective.