Why It Works

Traditional pillow

Constant pressure on your face will result in the
formation of acne and wrinkles.

Why it works

Numerous studies have shown that constant pressure to your face will result in the formation of acne and wrinkles. Instead of your face smashed against the pillow as you sleep, your head is comfortably supported by the YourFacePillow, allowing your face to be free from any contact and pressure.
The YourFacePillow is a simple, natural, and revolutionary skincare solution.

Prevent Wrinkles

Avoiding facial contact and facial compression while sleeping is the best way to prevent or minimize sleep wrinkles. Many studies have shown that sleeping on your face will result in sleep wrinkles. By using the YourFacePillow, you will be able to stop and prevent these wrinkles from occuring.
Additionally, sleep lines and expression lines are reinforced by sleeping on your side.

Stop Acne

Most teenage to adult acne sufferers have tried topical creams, antibiotics, vitamins, diets, proactive, or home remedies. Dermatologist visits and RX prescriptions are expensive, and often times to not provide the desired results.  However, for 8 hours a night, most people sleep with their face smashed against a pillow. More compelling is that the usual side people sleep on is the side where they usually develop their acne, even after changing their pillowcase nightly.  Dermatologists agree that continuous and repeated pressure to your skin can trigger and cause acne, which is referred to as “acne mechanica”
When used correctly, the YourFacePillow pillow ensures your face and skin do not make contact with the pillow while you sleep.

Anti Aging

While some wrinkles can not be prevented, distortion of the face during sleep results in trauma to delicate facial skin tissues.  This will occur using a traditional pillow, which the YourFacePillow prevents against.
The YourFacePillow is also beneficial for the preservation of expensive Facial Creams as it ensures that these night creams are not rubbed off on your pillow while you sleep.

CPAP / Medical Post-Op

The YourFacePillow is also extremely beneficial for helping aid in the recovery of Facial Surgeries: After surgery, it is important to protect that area of your face and minimize contact during the healing process. The YourFacePillow ensures that the facial area is not disturbed while the patient is sleeping to help facilitate recovery, yet still helps to provide a restful night’s sleep.  Using a standard pillow, the affected area may be prone to contact and damage. The YourFacePillow is currently used by doctor’s offices around the world.  Additionally, the YourFacePillow is also used as a CPAP pillow.