Preventing Wrinkles

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If you’ve had it with those unsightly bags and sags, there are many things you can do to help preventing wrinkles. Here are some tips for a routine of daily skin care designed to prevent face wrinkles. The main culprit in wrinkling skin is dryness; therefore, the way to help prevent wrinkles is to encourage moisture into your skin and keep it from leaving your skin. That task is not always as easy as it seems.

For instance, water is necessary to help preventing wrinkles, yet washing your face with water frequently can actually make your skin more dry instead of more moist! This is especially true if you use hot water. If you spend a long time in a hot bath or shower, the overall effect is likely to be dry skin rather than moistness that could prevent face wrinkles. So the bottom line is to limit the length of your showers and keep them at a lower temperature.

Youthful skin is healthy skin, so routines and habits that build health are helpful if your goal is to preventing wrinkles. Everyone knows smoking is bad for your health, but did you know it is bad for your skin, too? Especially where wrinkling is concerned! Give up smoking if you possibly can, and you’ll be taking an important step in your quest to help prevent wrinkles.

A healthy diet, drinking plenty of pure water, and getting exercise are also good for maintaining healthful skin, but watch out about spending too much time in the sun. While many people admire a dark tan, staying out of the sun and using sun block are necessary if you want to prevent face wrinkles. Fortunately, clear ivory skin is back in vogue, so you can take care of your skin and skip the sun-bathing.

Get plenty of sleep, too. We live in a day and age when many people are sleep deprived. This takes a toll both on your looks and your outlook. A sunny relaxed smile will make you look younger, and maintaining a cheerful disposition is an effective way to help preventing wrinkles. But be careful about how you sleep. If you are all scrunched down with your face stuffed into a hard pillow, you can cause more wrinkles. To prevent face wrinkles, try to sleep more on your back and use a soft pillow with a smooth satin pillowcase.

By the way, when you quit smoking, you may find that you put on a few pounds. While that may not be something you want to hear, be encouraged. Losing too much weight can exacerbate wrinkling. In fact, even a loss as insignificant as seven pounds can show up in your face as extra wrinkling, especially if you lose it quickly. Be careful about fast weight loss, or about dieting to a very thin weight if you want to help prevent wrinkles. Keeping a few extra pounds is an easy way to prevent face wrinkles.

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