Simple Home Remedies for Acne

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I’ve suffered with acne for the last ten years of my life. Although a few skin care products had some effect, nothing really worked well. That’s when I started researching home remedies for acne.

Lemon Juice

One of the oldest treatments for acne is lemon juice. Simply dab some lemon juice onto a cotton ball, and dab onto your skin. This should help dry up and reduce the size of your new acne spots.


As weird as it may sound, yogurt is great for healing acne. Gently apply some yogurt onto the affected areas. This will also help to reduce the size of your pores.

Using Fewer Skin Care Products

I previously used a variety of Skin care products to get rid of acne. It was not until I reduced the use of these products that I noticed a difference. Turns out, when I cleaned my face a lot, my face would react by producing excessive sebum, blocking my pores, and actually causing more acne.

Anti-Acne Pillow

The home remedies for acne I discussed above only fight the problem after acne occurs. I wanted to find something that stops acne from occurring. Most people don’t realize that pressure on your skin is a large contributor to acne. Most people also sleep with their face smashed against their pillow at night. More compelling is that the side of my face that I slept on is where I got most of my acne breakouts. I found a simple solution to this; a pillow that minimizes and eliminates any contact your skin and face make while you sleep.

The pillow is called the MyFacePillow, and I found it online at

If anyone has other helpful home remedies, please post these in the comments section.

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