What Are Natural Skin Care Products?

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Natural skin care products are usually derived from natural ingredients – herbs, roots, essential oils, and flowers. They also use naturally occurring carrier agents, preservatives, and emulsifiers. Most importantly, natural skin care products are created without the use of synthetic chemicals.

Is Natural Better?

Generally speaking, natural is better. We all know eating a bowl of fruit is healthier than a fast-food hamburger. But few of us take that thinking and apply it to our skin. Wouldn’t it be best if we only subjected out bodies to the healthiest, safest products available – and not the ones that are most popular and easy to come by?

It might be more work to scout out a natural skin care product than to simply grab a name-brand product off the shelf. You have to carefully evaluate the product label. But the end result is well worth the extra effort.

Chemical products rely on the same ingredients that are commonly found in motor oil, petroleum, and insecticides! Natural products, on the other hand, steer clear of such harmful toxins.

Additionally, natural products usually rely on new technologies, techniques, and theories. That means you have to take a little leap of faith when you give them a try. However, the people who create these natural products are usually more devoted to the concept of healthy healing and put their heart and soul into the product.

Choosing Wisely

While natural skin care products are always safer than traditional healing methods, there is a stipulation when it comes to quality.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration does not have a specific definition of “natural.” The agency does not regulate the production of “green” or “natural” products. In fact, they do not regulate the sale of skin care or cosmetic products at all – at least not until after they are sold and the public reports a problem.

And since marketing is still way ahead of the science in this area, there are a ton of natural products on the market that may or may not be effective.

When shopping for natural skin care products, you must be mindful of the quantity of active ingredient. For example, a single drop of an extract in a three ounce product is not enough. Marketing departments include certain ingredients just so they can label the product as natural and appeal to this ever-growing target audience. Seeing the words “trace amounts” of the active ingredient is a sure sign of an ineffective product.

When looking for natural skin care products, it is best to look for ones that are backed by sound medical advice. For example, MyFacePillow was founded on the idea that dermatologists recommend patients sleep on their back to avoid acne and pre-mature wrinkles.

Also, make sure the product has been well-received by the skin care industry. Look for product reviews from independent reviewers. This is a great way to determine the effectiveness of a product before trying it yourself.

Transitioning to a natural lifestyle is admirable. You are making great strides towards improving the environment and your overall health. Just make sure you invest in scientifically-backed, effective natural skin care products.

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