You should see results as soon as you begin using the YourFacePillow. For acne, the old acne remnants will take time to disappear, but the goal is to stop new ones.

The YourFacePillow can be used while either sleeping on your back or sleeping slightly on your side.  The bottom of the YourFacePillow should align with your shoulders and you simply rest the side of your head on the side support(s) of the YourFacePillow.

Yes! The YourFacePillow comes with a removable Velour Cover and Hypo-Allergenic Inner Cover

Outer Cover – Remove the zippered cover from the pillow for cleaning. Machine wash warm. Tumble dry low.

Inner Cover/Pillow – Spot clean only using mild detergent. Do not submerge.

Like any sleeping habit change, it may take a few days to adjust to using a new pillow. The YourFacePillow allows you to sleep on your back or slightly on your side comfortably, while supporting your head and neck. If you are unable to sleep in this position, then you may not find the YourFacePillow comfortable. However, when used correctly, the YourFacePillow will help prevent acne and sleep wrinkles by eliminating any pressure on your facial area while you sleep.