How to Prevent Wrinkles and Acne

Simple. Stop sleeping with your face pressed against your pillow.

Avoiding facial contact and facial compression while sleeping is the best way to prevent or minimize sleep wrinkles.

Dermatologists agree that continuous and repeated pressure on your skin can trigger and cause acne.

While some wrinkles cannot be prevented, distortion of the face during sleep results in trauma to delicate facial skin tissues.

The Pillow

Sleeping on your back is the only way to completely avoid facial contact with your pillows. However, this is extremely uncomfortable on other pillows since it leaves your head and neck unsupported while you sleep.

YourFacePillow offers support for your face, neck and shoulders.


The uniquely patented beauty pillow that prevents wrinkles, acne and overall aging. Designed to support your face and skin by isolating it from
stress from stress and pressure.

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I love this pillow, it has helped me immensely. I ordered it as I am normally a belly sleeper so my face takes a beating when it comes to wrinkles. The pillow keeps me from rolling over as much, it is so comfortable, I sleep so peacefully on it. When I do tend to want to roll over (out of habit), I stop and stay in place and voila, I get a better nights sleep and my face does not show the lines as they used to when I slept down on my other pillows. Love that I can wash the outer cover when I need to and replace it when done. I recommend gentle wash cycle and air dry.


I have been trying to train myself to sleep on my back to help with breakouts and because I have always heard it is better to sleep like that for aging. I could not do it without this pillow!  You can roll to the side a little and it is still very comfortable. I think this is a great product. Just looking at the design, this one really makes sense.


When my sister introduced me to the YourFacePillow, I thought she was making it all up, but she did look more rested and youthful. I’ve had mine for two months and I see the same difference in my own complexion! If you travel, this is a must! No more sleeping on hotel pillows!