Time is not your friend when it comes to aging. It inevitably catches up with you and causes many to turn to Botox and other invasive remedies to remove wrinkles. The problem is, at the end of the day it is expensive, risky and temporary. 

Your head weighs up to 11 pounds. That means, each night while you sleep, 11 pounds of head weight is smooshing the side of your face into your pillow. Finally, you understand the phrase your mother used to say to you when you pulled a face: “Be careful, your face might stay like that!”. What she never realized, was that she was actually right, you’re essentially ‘pulling a face’ into your pillow every night and your face, over time, will stay like that. 

We not only have to deal with facial wrinkles as we get older, but those who sleep on their sides will notice creases in their chest area too. These deep wrinkles initially fade during the day, but over time, they become unwanted visitors who overstay their welcome.



Who enjoys changing something they’ve done in the same way for years? Unfortunately, changing habits is the only option outside of undergoing invasive surgery or injections. It may be difficult in the beginning but you will reap the benefits later.

The great thing about this change is that it happens while you sleep! All you need to do is learn to sleep on a different pillow in a different position. Everyone can learn something new if they want it enough. 

“I love sleeping on my stomach and didn’t think I could ever be comfortable otherwise… much to my surprise, I slept really well [from] the first night on this pillow.” - Amazon Reviewer.



A pillow like YourFacePillow works by keeping your face from contacting the pillow, this reduces facial pressure and prevents wrinkle formation. It is also one of the reasons why dermatologists recommend sleeping on your back.

The best anti-wrinkle pillows have a U-shape that cradles your head in the correct position, training you to stay on your back throughout the night. Your neck and back are aligned and your face does not connect with the pillow. Over time, you’ll be retrained into an improved sleeping position that benefits you. 

It seems unbelievable that you would get a good night’s sleep with a pillow that looks confining, but as they say, don’t judge this “book” by its cover. Many reviewers say that they were surprised at how comfortable it is, one reviewer has even named it “her very own sleeping marshmallow”.

You’ll also enjoy the story of a man who bought his wife an anti-wrinkle pillow after her daily complaints about the wrinkles forming under her eyes. He kindly researched on her behalf and came across YourFacePillow. After sleeping on it for four nights, she’s visibly noticed an improvement. Her husband sweetly states: “... she says she WILL train herself to sleep on her back to help stop wrinkles from forming earlier that they need to lol!”.

The aging process is not for the faint-hearted. There are many things that need accepting when we look in the mirror. Thankfully, there are so many anti-aging options nowadays, but not all of them are affordable or kind. A pillow is both.