We made it to Health.com's list of anti-aging must-haves!

We made it to Health.com's list of anti-aging must-haves!

We made it to Health.com's list of anti-aging must-haves!

It's not uncommon for your anti-aging routine to contain a long list of skincare products, from retinol to eye cream. But the fight against fine lines shouldn't be limited to beauty products. Your sleep routine plays an equally important role in the quest to prevent signs of aging—and we're not just referring to how many hours of sleep you need

Your sleep position is another easy way to limit the formation of wrinkles. Dermatologists recommend sleeping on your back because it ensures nothing is pulling or rubbing against your sensitive facial skin. But switching up your sleep position is easier said than done, especially for stubborn side or stomach sleepers. That's where the Your Face Anti-Wrinkle Pillow ($70; amazon.com) comes into play. 

Its u-shaped design cradles the head and neck in a halo of memory foam that only allows 3 sleep positions: your back, side, or a position in-between. The goal is to slowly train your body into sleeping on your back by moving from minimal contact with the pillow's side support to none at all. Eventually, you'll stop tossing and turning in your sleep and stay firmly put on your back. 

We know, it sounds like a neck brace made from pillows. But reviewers say it's surprisingly comfortable to sleep on. That's because the pressure-relieving memory foam is the perfect combination of support and comfort with built-in cooling channels to prevent unwanted overheating. 


What's more, the pillow's benefits aren't limited to preventing acne or wrinkles.  It also has a neck support ledge that keeps the spine aligned throughout the night. This small addition makes the pillow an optimal pick for people who suffer with neck pain. In fact, one reviewer with severe neck and jaw pain wrote it completely stopped inflammation in just 2 nights. 

"I have been searching for 2 years to find a pillow that will keep my head from lolling to either side, which causes neck pain and headaches," says another shopper. "I've tried numerous pillows—memory foam, concave center, adjustable-filled, water-filled—and even tried making my own with rolled up towels and duct tape! Nothing worked until I tried this pillow. I could care less about the anti-aging/wrinkle/acne claim... I got relief!"

"The support under my neck is just right, where most of the pillows I've tried are uncomfortably high. I can't tell you how nice it is to finally wake up without neck pain," they added.

Of course, the anti-wrinkle reviews are just as convincing with shoppers revealing the pillow helped them smoothly transition sleep positions and see a visible reduction in fine lines that appeared after sleeping. Better yet, a handful of reviewers claimed its plush design was comparable to sleeping on a cloud.

So this time around skip the expensive creams in favor of a brand new pillow with more than 2,000 perfect ratings. You'll not only sleep better, but it won't expire like the rest of the products in your beauty lineup.

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