Memory Foam Beauty Pillow

A good night’s rest depends on choosing the best pillows for sleeping. Made with supportive memory foam, YourFacePillow is uniquely designed to alleviate pressure points by keeping your spine and neck in alignment. It is a multi-purpose pillow that provides neck pain relief, prevents wrinkles and acne, as well as anti-snoring support.

Anti-Aging, Anti-Acne! Whether you use it as a side sleeper pillow or back sleeper pillow, YourFacePillow is designed to alleviate pressure on your face and skin, which can contribute to wrinkles, creases, acne, and overall aging. It’s not just the best neck pillow for neck pain – the same support it provides for the neck, shoulders, and back can also benefit your face by relieving pressure on the surface of your skin — try it after a cosmetic procedure for a toss-free night.

Eliminate Neck and Shoulder Pain! Say hello to the pillow back sleepers and side sleepers need! Our neck sleeping pillow’s memory foam and patented design prevents pillow neck pain and provides relief for pressure points by redistributing weight and providing contoured neck support to keep your head, neck, and shoulders at healthy angles while you sleep. Using back sleeper pillows for neck and shoulder pain can help you sleep better at night and relieve daily neck pain.

Made For All Sleepers! Say goodbye to back sleeper pillows or your side sleeping pillow — our pillow for shoulder pain works for everyone. Try our 3 recommended sleeping positions — back, side, and slightly to the side — to find one that feels best. Additionally, our pillows for back sleepers and side sleepers are available in 2 sizes. The Standard is recommended for most, while The Large has a slightly higher headrest and more space between side supports.

Cooling, Hypoallergenic Memory Foam! Made with CertiPUR-US Certified memory foam and without harmful additives, YourFacePillow features cooling flow channels, a removable and washable bamboo outer cover, and a hypoallergenic inner cover. Before use, unpackage and leave the flattened memory foam in a well-ventilated area for 1–24 hours while it expands.

Legal Disclaimer ! YourFacePillow is a pillow designed to reduce facial contact with the underlying sleep surface, a known contributor to the creation of sleep wrinkles and acne. It does not treat, cure, heal or prevent any condition or disease.

Style: Large (Intended for people who need slightly more

Brand: YourFacePillow

Material: Memory Foam

Item Weight: 3.51 Pounds

Item Dimensions: 21L x 12W x 6H inches (Neck rest height 3.3in. Distance between supports 8in.)

Style: Standard

Brand: YourFacePillow

Material: Memory Foam

Item Weight: 3.51 Pounds

Item Dimensions: 21L x 12W x 6H inches (Neckrest height 3.3in. Distance between supports 7in.)

Similar products DO NOT
  • Limit all contact a pillow makes with your face.
  • With most other products, your chin, forehead, and sides of your cheeks will still be disturbed.
  • Limit your head and body moving into different positions, making those products ineffective.

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